Episode 139: Free to Play (Documentary)

A little change of pace this week as the main segment is on a movie (documentary) instead of a video game.  The movie, Free to Play, does however have a strong video game presence, as it focuses on three of the world's top DOTA 2 players as they get ready for and compete in an international DOTA 2 tournament with the largest prize pot in e-sports history.  None of the Athletes really have had much experience or interest in the e-sports scene or DOTA 2, but Free to Play may have changed our minds as it gives an inside look at the lives of three of the competitors along with explaining the basics of DOTA 2.  We also address the potentially misleading title and our thoughts on whether or not Free to Play is just a DOTA 2 commercial.


-South Park The Stick Of Truth, Dark Souls II, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy 6 IOS, Wild Star Beta


Nibble Bits 00:02:20

Eric: Far Cry 4 has been announced and will take place in the Himalayas

Corey: Titanfall for the Xbox 360 got delayed two more weeks

Dan: Sony announces Project Morpheus

Will: Japan announced Pikachu and more Pokemon as the 2014 World Cup mascots


Our Weeks 00:19:10

Will: Gamestop visits

Corey: Work and Final Fantasy XIV

Eric: Sabre's game accident, girlfriends surgery

Dan: Drank beer and played Dark Souls, Podcast update


Main Segment 00:38:58


What We Played 01:09:05

Corey: Final Fantasy 6 IOS, Final Fantasy XIV

Will: Final Fantasy XIV, Diablo III

Eric: South Park The Stick Of Truth, Dark Souls II

Dan: WildStar Beta, Dark Souls Titanfall


Feedback 01:41:04