Episode 138: Titanfall

Despite our general lack of interest in the competitive FPS genre, two of the Thumbstick Athletes decided to spend some money on the next big shooter in Titanfall.  Developed by Respawn and published by EA, Titanfall had some huge shoes to fill and very lofty expectations to live up to.  Find out what Dan, someone who doesn't play competitive FPSes, thinks of a multiplayer only shooter.  Also you get to hear Will's opinion of the full release of TItanfall, after having played the beta on both PC and Xbox One.  Is 6v6 enough players for today's competitive FPS?  Are the grunts worthless cannon fodder?  Titanfall has a campaign? Should you "Believe the hype?"


- South Park The Stick Of Truth, Towerfall Ascension


Main Segment 00:02:15


Nibble Bits 00:45:17

Dan: Nintendo is beating Microsoft in hardware sales

Will: Rovio is making a new Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Epic

Corey: The Witcher 3 delayed until February 2015


Our Weeks 01:03:12

Corey: Swordart Online on Netflix, Fresh Direct grocery delivery, video game show, Habit RPG

Dan: Predators games, XCOM Enemy Within, Towerfall, TV show Cosmos

Will: Dragon Ball Z, Pretty Little Liars


What We Played 01:26:36

Corey: Final Fantasy 6 IOS, South Park The Stick Of Truth

Dan: South Park The Stick Of Truth, Bravely Default, Skylanders Swap Force

Will: Fire Emblem Awakening, Towerfall Ascension


Feedback 01:48:36