Episode 135: Bravely Default


Now that all of the Athletes own a 3DS, it makes it much easier to cover our bases when it comes to new releases on the handheld.  Bravely Default is a game that would have been covered even if only one of us had played it, as it targets fans of the older Final Fantasy games.  It blends the old school feel of turn based combat and excellent Final Fantasy-esque job system, with more modern amenities like auto saves, great graphics, and street pass integration; throw in the Brave and Default system to add another level of strategy to combat, and you have the makings of a great RPG.

- Democracy 3, The Banner Saga, Titanfall beta, Max Payne 3, Battleblock Theater, Final Fantasy 6, Fire Emblem: Awakening

Nibble Bits 00:02:30
Dan: Xbox One getting a media remote
Corey: You can play Pokemon on Twitch through Twitch Commands
Will: The Evil Within comes out August 26th
Eric: Ken Levine is closing down Irrational Studios

Our Weeks 00:14:06
Eric: Gym Return, Hockey
Will: Hockey, Pretty Little Liars
Corey: Hockey, Gaming, French Girls
Dan: Skylanders, Kitchen Floor, Game Purchases

Main Segment 00:34:06

What We Played 01:01:56
Dan: Sleeping Dogs
Will: Titanfall Beta
Corey: Titanfall Beta, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Max Payne, Battleblock Theater, Final Fantasy 6
Eric: The Banner Saga, Democracy 3

Feedback 01:35:56

Roundtable 02:07:54
Will: Early Access Games