Episode 134: The Banner Saga


For this week's episode we review The Banner Saga, the new strategy RPG from Stoic.  The Banner Saga is also involved in some controversy over the use of the word "Saga" with Candy Crush Saga's developer, and trademark troll, King.com.  We don't get into that at all during the episode, but it's something everyone should be aware of and angry about!  For those unfamiliar with The Banner Saga, just do a google image search and salivate over the delicious hand drawn artwork for it.  During the episode we cover some of the mechanics a little more in-depth than our previous discussion.  Show notes below:

Episode 134


-Olli Olli, Quizup, Final Fantasy 6(IOS) Fire Emblem: Awakening, The Witcher 2, 3DS Streetpass Games

Nibble Bits 00:04:13

Eric: Borderlands 2 Vita bundle

Will: Starbound bans Sexual Predators

Corey: Amazon acquires game studio Double Helix

Dan: Two Microsoft shareholders ask to kill of Xbox, Surface, and Bing

Our Weeks 00:17:37

Corey: Vacation, 3DS, New Hunger Games movie, Space Dandy

Will: Quizup

Eric: Arsenal's ass kicking

Dan: Diet, Kitchen floor

Main Segment 00:34:48

What We Played 00:58:52

Corey: Fire Emblem: Awakening, The Witcher 2, Streetpass Games, Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy 6

Dan: Mark Of The Ninja, Sleeping Dogs

Eric: Bastion, Half-Life 2, Olli Olli

Will: Quizup,

Feedback 01:38:25  

Roundtable 02:01:52

Group: Comcast, Time Warner Cable stuff