Episode 133: Next Gen Wishlist

With Corey on vacation, Dan, Will and Eric suffer through the cold both outside and in the studio.  For this week the Athletes decided to come up with a few ideas for what could make the next gen (current at this point)  even better.  Of course that means game ideas, hardware ideas, though we did kind of focus on ideas we would like to see implemented into games.  Will especially had a great game idea that we're not likely to see, but would probably be a blockbuster if done correctly.  Show notes below:

-Four In February progress

Nibble Bits 00:02:13
Dan: Mount And Blade developer and Paradox part ways
Will: Child Of Light releases April 30th
Eric: New Call Of Duty developer

Our Weeks 00:13:31
Dan: Tax return, new purchases, Super Bowl
Will: School
Eric: Birthday celebration

Main Segment 00:37:34

What We Played 01:08:32
 Eric: Metal Gear Solid 4, Bastion
Dan: Risen 2, Skylanders Swap Force

Feedback 01:30:05

Roundtable 02:07:17