Four in February Listener Choice

Welp, here we are. Another year, another round of Four in February picks. In episode 131, we each picked games for one another, leaving the last one up to the listeners.

Of the games listed below each person, let us know (comments, Facebook, Twitter, email, whatever) what you think each of us should play. We'll tally the votes and let you know the result during our next episode.


Eric: Infamous 2, Bastion, Metal Gear 4

Listener Pick:

  • DMC

  • ICO 

  • Half Life 2 

Dan: Arkham City, Sleeping Dogs, Risen 2

Listener Pick:

  • Darksiders

  • Hitman Absolution

  • Mark of the Ninja

Will: Portal 1, Rogue Legacy, The Witcher

Listener Pick:

  • Dragon Age 1

  • Dust an Elysian Tale 

  • Tomb Raider

Corey: Battleblock Theater, The Witcher 2, Max Payne 3

Listener Pick:

  • Fire Emblem: Awakening 

  • A Link Between Worlds

  • Pokemon

Four in Feb.jpg