Episode 131: 4 in February Selection

Starting last year, the Thumbstick Athletes took part in the Four in February challenge.  The goal of the contest, to beat four games in February, is a chance for us gamers to check a few games off our backlog lists.  For this week's episode we select each others games, unlike last year when we all picked our own.  We also are leaving the last game on our lists up to a vote, with the available games listed on a previous blog post.  Later on you can hear Eric's thoughts on BioShock Infinite, but be warned, there are some spoilers.  I listed the times of the spoilers both below in the show notes and on the episode blurb.  Corey also played The Banner Saga, and we talk about legal friction between Stoic (Banner Saga dev) and King.com's dispute over the word Saga.  Show notes below


Episode 131

-The Banner Saga, Don't Starve, Terraria, Bioshock Infinite, Tearaway, Papers Please, Knack

Nibble Bits 00:01:55
Eric: Resogun getting DLC
Will: Don't Starve Reign Of Giants DLC
Dan: Paradox Studios announces two new games
Corey: Microsoft is paying Youtubers to highlight Xbox One

Our Weeks 00:14:35
Corey: The Banner Saga, Full Metal Alchemist, Mouseguard
Will: Gaming, The Office
Eric: Gaming
Dan: Dieting, Don't Starve, Shadows of Mordor

Main Segment 00:23:06

What We Played 00:48:53
Will: Terraria, Don't Starve
Dan: Don't Starve, Knack
Corey: Spelunky, The Banner Saga
Eric: Don't Starve, Bioshock Infinite, Papers Please, Tearaway

Bioshock Infinite Spoiler

Feedback 1:36:38

Roundtable 01:54:06