Episode 126: The Walking Dead game Season 1


The Walking Dead Season 2 (videogame) has just been released so we figured it was finally time to have our spoiler episode for Season 1.  The Athletes, minus Eric (who joins later) do a brief plot summary of each episode and talk about their specific decisions and how it relates and/or changes the story later on in the game.  Eric then joins us after the main segment to continue the rest of the episode.  Show notes below:


Main Segment 00:02:03

-Gone Home, The Stanley Parable, Republique, Device 6, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Knack, Super Mario 3D World, Syndicate, Rocksmith

Nibble Bits- 01:28:18

Will: New character in Super Smash Brothers
Eric: March 25th is when Reaper of Souls comes out
Dan: NVIDIA update lets Shadowplay stream games to Twitch
Corey: Nintendo announced Hyrule Heores

Our Weeks- 01:50:50

Corey: Work Holiday party, The Office
Eric: Fifa streaming
Will: Gamestop, Video gaming, School
Dan: Bought Fire Emblem: Awakening, Potty training Son

What We Played- 02:08:28

Will: Rocksmith, Gone Home, The Stanley Parable, Knack, Super Mario 3D World, Syndicate                   Corey: Gone Home, Republique, Device 6
Dan: Fire Emblem : Awakening, Far Cry 3
Sophie: Gone Home

Feedback- 03:02:20