Episode 130: 2014 Predictions

Continuing our 2014 preview episode series, we hit on some predictions we have for the coming year.  These were generally supposed bold predictions, but obviously some are more bold than others.  You can expect to hear some sales targets, GOTY predictions, game delays etc.  One prediction may have even been discredited already (thanks for making me look bad Nintendo.)  As usual though, there was some solid discussion on the upcoming year in gaming, as well as a meaty 'What We Played' segment and our thoughts on Net Neutrality ruling from earlier in the week.  Show notes below:

- Terraria, Don't Starve, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Super Mario 3D Land, Knack, Net Neutrality

Nibble Bits- 00:04:21
Corey: Creator of Final Fantasy Tactics launches a Kickstarter for a new game
Dan: Outlast is coming out on PS4 in February for free
Eric: Xbox One was the best selling console last month
Will: A new episode for Telltale's The Wolf Among Us is coming in the first week of February

Our Weeks - 00:20:30
Will: Birthday, Terraria, The Office
Corey: Space Dandy, The Last Of Us movie, played old games on Wii
Eric: Work in Ithaca, Joe Rogan podcast, Pulled over..twice
Dan: Lots of gaming

Main Segment- 00:34:29

What We Played- 01:19:53
 Will: Terraria
Eric: Terraria, Don't Starve
Corey: Terraria, Sang-Froid A Tale Of Werewolves, Call Of Juarez Gunslinger, 14PX
Dan: Terraria, Don't Starve, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Super Mario 3D Land, Skylanders Swap Force, Euro Truck Simulator

Feedback- 02:07:57