Episode 111: Rayman Legends

To break up our long Fall Games Preview episodes, this week we talk about Rayman Legends.  The game that was originally designed to be a Wii U exclusive but was later adapted to be multi-platfrom was played by Dan on the Wii U, so you can find out during the episode if that makes a difference or not.  Later on, Will gets Diablo III for the Xbox 360 and plays some coop with his friends and Eric rekindles his excitement for Beyond: Two Souls.  Show notes and flash player below:


-Diablo III Console version, Spelunky

00:02:17- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Respawn Entertainment hasn’t announced any beta yet and all beta offers are scams

-Will- Nintendo of America President says “meh” to PS4 and Xbox One release day games

-Eric- Fifa 14 coming to European Xbox Ones with the purchase of the day one edition

-Corey- Xbox One out November 22nd

00:16:27- Our Weeks      

-Corey- Friends Bachelor party

-Eric- Wedding

-Will- First Week of College

-Dan- Car exhaust purchase

00:34:45- Main Segment

00:54:55- What We Played

-Dan- Crusader Kings II

-Will- Diablo III (Xbox 360)

-Eric- Spelunky, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, 

01:20:51- Feedback

02:09:16- Roundtable

-Eric- Beyond Two Souls talk