Episode 109: Saint's Row IV

For this week, we cover the greatly anticipated (by Dan anyway) Saint's Row IV.  There was some concern (mostly Dan) that under new publisher Deep Silver, Saint's Row would be more serious and less fun, ruining what made the series fun in the first place.  All of our fears were misplaced however, and even Eric who wasn't totally sold on Saint's Row: The Third ended up loving IV. (Though you wont find that out until a later episode.)   During What We Played Will went back and played Saint's Row: The Third to get a feel for SR before jumping into the fourth game, and Corey again plays a wide variety of games.  Show notes and flash player below:


- Payday 2, Plants vs. Zombies 2

00:01:20- Nibblebits

-Eric- Darksouls 2 closed beta to start October

-Dan- Guild Wars 2 free trial weekend

-Will- Diablo 3 expansion called Reaper of Souls

-Corey- New Fable and other Gamescom announcements

00:17:35- Our Weeks

-Dan- Put brakes on car

-Will- Nothing

-Corey- Not too much

00:31:43- Main Segment

01:15:00- What We Played

-Dan- Rouge Legacy, Crusader Kings 2, Pikmin 3

-Will- Saints Row The Third, Payday 2, Plants Vs. Zombies 2

-Corey- Payday 2, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, Mikey Hook, Skyrim, The Bridge

01:35:10- Feedback