Episode 108: Pikmin 3

Our first episode centered around a Wii U new release, on the action/strategy title Pikmin 3.  Find out what the Athletes thought about the control scheme, and whether or not Nintendo made good use of it's new-fangled controller.  Later on in the episode Corey announces a few more titles to add to his "beaten" list, putting himself very comfortably in the lead.  The XBone also rears its (ugly?) head later on, rounding out the episode.  Show notes and flash player below:


00:01:10 Teasers

- The Bridge, Madden 25 demo, Papers Please, Alan Wake, Mikey Hook

00:01:58 Nibble Bits

-Dan- Morrigan will not be playable in Dragon Age Inquisition

-Will- Microsoft Points are no more

-Eric- Rayman Legends demo out August 20th

-Corey- Thomas Was Alone creator is making a new game called Volumes

00:06:30 Our Weeks

-Will- Broome Orientation

-Eric- Breaking Bad, Drunk History, Gamestop trade ins and Payday 2 problem

-Corey- Visited Upstate,

-Dan- Didn’t do much, too short a week

00:28:00 Main Segment

Pikmin 3

00:46:10 What We Played

-Dan- Crusader Kings 2

-Eric- The Bridge, Madden 25 demo

-Corey- The Bridge, Alan Wake, Terraria, Bully, Mikey Hook, Papers Please

01:20:15 Feedback

01:50:20 Roundtable

Xbox One talk