Episode 114: FIFA 14

The Athletes are minus Will and Corey this week, but add Billy (who has been on several times before) to fill out the FIFA 14 talk.  Even Dan, not a soccer or sports game fan, plays the PC version of FIFA for the sake of the episode.  We talk about whether or not the promised changes/upgrades are actually changes/upgrades or just a lot of PR fluff.  Later on in the episode Dan finally conquers Crusader Kings 2 and we delve a little into the new SteamOS.  Flash player and show notes below:



-SteamOS, GTA V

00:02:01- Nibble Bits

-Eric- EA is cancelling its 2014 College football game, GTA V micro transaction prices announced, South Park the Stick of Truth comes out December 10th, No Indie launches on the next Xbox until 2014

-Dan- Guild Wars 2 free trial, Shadow Run Returns out on IOS and Android

00:07:43- Our Weeks

-Eric- Traded in iPhone to Gamestop, Bills game, hockey

-Dan- Sick, watched College and Pro football all weekend, listened to Hobbit audiobook, hockey

00:22:41- Main Segment

00:58:05- What We Played

-Billy- Grand Theft Auto V

-Eric- Grand Theft Auto V

-Dan- Crusader Kings 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Rayman Legends, Fable III

01:17:07- Feedback

01:42:40- Roundtable

-Dan- SteamOS, Steam Machines