Episode 113: Grand Theft Auto V

The big release everyone has been waiting for this year is finally out, and the Thumbstick Athletes play it, despite universally disliking previous GTA installments.  Find out if V really is the improvement they're saying it is, or if going to go the way of Madden and promise big and not deliver.  Later on in the episode Dan played the indie horror game Outlast, and the Athletes finally give their dream Super Smash Bros. roster.  Flash player below:


Teasers- Fifa 14 demo, Diablo III, NHL 14, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Card Hunter, Outlast, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

00:02:05- Main Segment

01:04:36- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Blizzard is removing the real money auction house from Diablo III

-Will- Payday 2 is old 1.58 million copies

-Eric- Monster Hunter is coming to PS Vita

-Corey- Saints Row IV released new free DLC called GAT V

01:22:58- Our Weeks

-Corey- Dan’s birthday party

-Dan- Birthday party, Sick

-Eric- Watched Derek, Bills game, Soccer

-Will- Trent Richardson trade, passed driving test

01:43:08- What We Played

-Dan- Outlast

-Corey-NHL 14, Super Meat Boy, Diablo III, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Card Hunter, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

-Eric- NHL 14, Fifa 14

02:11:59- Feedback

02:44:25- Roundtable

-Will- New Smash Brothers character wish list