Episode 112: 2013 Fall Games Preview Part 2

In which we take on late November videogame releases, covering the Xbox One through the holiday and go over unscheduled releases that may or may not come out this year.  We all played a little more Rayman Legends, to which Corey has really warmed up to, and The Athletes discuss the moments in game which you realize its time to give it up.  Show notes and flash player below:


-Waking Mars, Sprinkle Islands, NHL 14, Fifa 14 demo, Pro Evolution Demo, Spelunky, Rayman Legends

00:02:47- Nibble Bits

-Eric- Final Fantasy 14 PS4 beta launching in February, Humble Indie Bundle 9, Sony announces PS Vita TV

-Corey- Square Enix announces a new mobile Final Fantasy game, Deep Down a PS4 exclusive, Guild Wars first PvP season starting soon, GTA V cost Rockstar a whole lot of money, Sony announces a new PS Vita

-Dan- EA releases PC Specs for Battlefield 4, Steam is having a family share service, Diablo III console demo

00:19:14- Our Weeks

-Corey- Deep frying stuff

-Eric-Bills game, Wedding

-Dan- Birthdays, Wedding

00:30:03- Main Segment

01:30:07- What We Played

-Will- Rayman Legends, Diablo III

-Eric- Rayman Legends, NHL 14, Fifa 14 demo, Pro Evolution demo, Spelunky

-Corey- Rayman Legneds, NHL 14, Alan Wake, Waking Mars, Sprinkle Islands

-Dan- Rayman Legends, Crusader Kings II

02:16:34- Feedback

02:44:30- Round Table

-Eric- Nope moments in video games