Episode 105: Steam Summer Sale Recap

After Steam's summer sale has finally wrapped up, the Athletes assess their purchases.  Some games were bought with full confidence that they would be played some day, while others were bought just because they were cheap.  A great time to be a PC gamer no doubt, despite our wallets having quite a bit less girth.  Even Eric, not a PC gamer by any means, made quite a few purchases, expanding his library by quite a bit.  Show notes and flash player below

00:01:55: Nibblebits

-Oculus Rift hoping to release sometime in 2014, Wasteland 2 is being delayed with beta starting in October, OUYA game sales figures, FIFA and Madden ultimate teams carrying over into the next generation games

00:30:39: Our Weeks

-Eric- weight loss challenge beginning, got the HTC One

-Dan- more summertime bad eating, internet fixed by Time Warner finally, started listening to the History of Rome podcast

-Will- sleep tracking app, played Dynasty Warriors 8 with Ryan in Iowa

-Corey- watching more movies, Museum of Natural Art

00:56:30 Main Segment

02:13:38 What We Played

-Will- The Last of Us, Dynasty Warriors 8

-Eric- FIFA 13

-Corey- Hotline Miami, Infinity Blade 2, War of the Roses

02:37:10 Feedback