Episode 107: Listener's Choice

In honor of our first two years of podcasting, which started with our first episode being published on iTunes August 8, 2011, the Athletes do an audio version of Reddit's AMA and answer any and all questions posed to us by listeners.  We covered a variety of topics like sports, work, and some personal life stuff....and of course....games.  There was much rejoicing during the episode, a little too much in fact.  But, our listener's know that this happens to us occasionally.  Show notes and flash player below:

00:03:00- Teasers

-Pikmin, Payday 2, Shadowrun Returns, To The Moon, Cloudberry Kingdom, Monaco, Plants vs Zombies, Little Inferno, Bully, Super Meat Boy, Rouge Legacy

00:04:16- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn goes open beta, Saint Row IV gets a very special edition, Target’s sale on PS Vita

-Will- Company of Heroes 2 gets taken off the market in Russia, Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox 360 update, Bethesda not making any games for the Wii U, Payday 2 already profitable

-Eric- No PS Plus needed for party chat on PlayStation, New 3DS virtual console games, Pokemon X & Y added super training

-Corey- Mana Bar is closing, Amazon launched its digital game service in theUK, Gamestop offering Xbox One game upgrades

00:24:18- Our Weeks

-Corey-James Bond movies, The Conjuring

-Will- The League, Work

-Eric- Hes a Vegan

-Dan- Room switch, Buying Nintendo games at Target

00:41:21- Main Segment

02:31:56- What We Played

-Corey- Monaco, Plants vs Zombies, Little Inferno, Bully, Super Meat Boy

-Eric- To The Moon, Shadowrun Returns, Cloudberry Kingdom

-Dan- Shadowrun Returns, Rouge Legacy

-Will- Dynasty Warriors 8, Payday 2 beta