Episode 106: Shadowrun Returns

The newly released, successfully-kickstarted indie Shadowrun Returns is the topic for this week, with Dan, Eric and Will all having played the new title.  You get to find out if the game lived up to Dan's expectations, who had been excited for and written a Watch Out For preview on it.  During our roundtable, we get into the Phil Fish and angry gamer controversy and our thoughts on the creator/critic relationship.  Also CoD fans prove themselves (at least in a small part) to be a hateful bunch.  Show notes and flash player below:

00:00:56- Teasers

-Rouge Legacy, Stealth Inc, Dynasty Warriors 8, Bully, Bad Piggies, Mount & Blade

00:01:55- Nibble Bits

-Eric- The Elder Scrolls Anthology bundle announced, Tearaway coming to the PS Vita, Bioshock Infinite DLC announced, Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer announced, Nintendo Wii outselling the Wii U, 2K confirms an XCOM announcement coming soon

-Corey- Humble Deep Silver bundle, Activision bought itself back from Vivendi, Everson Museum doing a traveling exhibit of Video Game art, Phil Fish quits, Online petition asks for Nintendo of America president Reggie to be a character in new Smash Brothers game, CEO Take Two trying to create permanent franchises, Take Two files for a new Bully trade mark, Bang With Friends

-Will- Only 27% of Ouya owners have bought a game, Torchlight 2 has sold over 2 million copies in ten months, PS4 will allow up to 2,000 friends and party chat

-Dan- Chucklefish is possibly bringing Starbound to Sony platforms, Rift Enabled is keeping track of all the Oculus Rift supported games

00:25:00- Our Weeks

-Eric- Weight loss challenge

-Will- Started watching The League

-Corey-Deep Silver Humble Bundle, Started watching Oblivion

-Dan- Ordered Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz bundle, Pre-Ordered Pikmin 3

00:35:39- Main Segment

01:08:59- What We Played

-Eric- Rouge Legacy, Stealth Inc

-Dan- Mount & Blade Warband

-Will- Dynasty Warriors 8

-Corey- Plants Vs. Zombies, Bad Piggies, Terraria, Bully

01:36:30- Feedback

01:53:17- Round Table

-Corey- Phil Fish incident, and CoD gamers outrage

-Will and Eric- Johnny Manziel