Episode 104: Dynasty Warriors 8

Will took over for this episode, carrying the main segment himself in talking about Dynasty Warriors 8.  We also decided to do a slight change in format starting this week, switching the "What we Played" segment with Feedback and Roundtable.  It seemed to work out pretty well, as we talked about the games we've played earlier in the episode when we have a little more energy.  Show notes and flash player below:

00:00:52- Teasers

-The Witcher 2, Rouge Legacy, Company of Heroes 2, NCAA Football 14, New Super Mario Bros U, Terraria, Bioshock, Mirror's Edge, Magic 2014, Monster Hunter 3

00:01:39- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Rumors of the new Kinect 2 used for NSA spying, NCAA declined to renew their rights with EA to make college football games, EarthBound hits the Wii U’s virtual console at long long last

-Will- Pokemon Rumble U is hitting the Nintendo eShop, Monaco developer talks about Xbox Live Arcade’s disappointing sales, New Dishonored DLC Brigmore Witches

-Corey- Deep Silver has picked up Wasteland 2 to publish, Olimar and Pikman are in the new Super Smash Bros, League of Legends characters are considered “Pro Athletes”, Three veteran developers left Maxis to make Indie games, 19 year old creates a 25 hour Skyrim mod, Officially licensed Fire Fly game coming to IOS and Android

-Eric- Watch Dogs Limited Edition details, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Limited edition details, WWE 2k14 pre order bonus, Number of pre orders for next generation consoles doubled this year’s current generation, Diablo 3 headed to next generation consoles in 2014

00:20:59- Our Weeks

-Eric- Orange is the New Black talk, Girlfriends nephew staying with him, weight loss challenge

-Will- Ghosts of the Ostfront

-Corey- Ryan Davis passing, Magic the Gathering tournament, Steam anniversary

-Dan- Weigh in, Steam Summer Sale

00:39:27- Main Segment

01:09:15- What We Have Played

-Corey- Terraria, Rouge Legacy, Infinity Blade, Bioshock

-Dan- Mirrors Edge, Monster Hunter 3

-Will- Company of Heroes 2, NCAA Football 14, New Super Mario Bros U

-Eric- Rouge Legacy, Tiny Wings, The Witcher 2, Tiny Thief

02:03:04- Feedback

02:24:37- Roundtable

-Corey- Good uses for the Gamepad in Mario Kart 8