Episode 103: 5 Hardest Games

This episode was a bit hard for us to take, and not just because we were talking about our hardest games.  Dan's third-world-country quality internet service, provided by the eternally crummy Time Warner Cable, wasn't solid enough to even hold on long enough for an audio only Skype call. Due to Time Warner's incompetence we had to jettison the Brooklyn studio for this episode, leaving Corey out in the cold. Dan, Eric and Will carried on though, delivering a shortened episode after the wind had been taken out of their sails.  Show notes below:

00:01:06- Teasers

-Wii U, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, Tiny Wings, Tiny Thief, Demon Souls, Infinity Blade 2, Rouge Legacy

00:02:30- Nibble Bits

-Corey- China to lift 13 year ban on game consoles, Steam Sale started, Grand Theft Auto V trailer, IOS free apps in celebrating its fifth anniversary, NHL 94 anniversary mode

-Dan- Microsoft names Don Mattrick replacement, Valve possibly opening a new office in England

-Will- The Last of Us sales, Ubisoft head says ZombiU sequel is not happening due to bad sales, Deus Ex: The Fall is out for all IOS devices

-Eric- Sci Fi Skyrim type game was in development at Obsidian, Rovio released Tiny Thief on Android and IOS, New Racthet and Clank coming to PS3 this fall, Anonymous person pays for League of Legends players bail, Xbox Live Summer of Arcade sale details, Payday 2 is the Dark Souls of heist games

00:18:38- Internet Woes, Our Weeks

-Dan- No weigh in, Will’s graduation party, Magic, Wii U, Wife is having a daughter

-Will- Phone issues

-Eric- Phone upgrade, New TV show called Orange is the New Black

00:38:25- Main Segment

01:07:45- Feedback

01:21:58- What We Played

-Dan- Magic 2014, New Super Mario Bros U, Monster Hunter 3

-Will- Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U

-Eric-Demon Souls