Episode 101: The Last of Us/Company of Heroes 2

Two releases to discuss this week, The Last of Us, which we can finally cover in depth, and Company of Heroes 2.  Both games, at least at this point, only had one of us that played them, so Eric and Will pretty much roll solo for explaining their respective games.  Later on we decide who should make the cut for the new Smash Bros, as well as some more new system talk.  Show notes and flash player below: 

00:02:45: Nibblebits-  

-Xbone possible release date of November 27th, some Microsoft games are being ported to iOS and Android, Saints Row 4 denied classification for a rating in Australia, Minecraft topped 11 million in sales

00:13:30: Our Weeks- 

-Eric- podcasts, FIFA transfer window, NHL Draft

-Will- graduated, got a Wii U, Galaxy S3 broken

-Corey- BioShock book,  

-Dan- Weigh in, Razer Surround, blu-ray player

00:34:40: Main Segment

01:40:30: Feedback

02:31:30: Roundtable

-Wii U Smash Bros roster

02:50:00: What We Played

-Dan- Borderlands 2, Dirt 3

-Will- Zombi U

-Eric- Shadow of Colossus

 -Corey- Fez, The Witcher 2, Magic 2014, Final Fantasy 14