Episode 100: Top 10 Revisited

For our 100th episode we decided it was time to revisit our top 10 games list, having played a TON more games over the past nearly 2 years.  We also brought in some of our former guests for a quick hot seat update on some of the games they are playing, thoughts on the new systems, etc,.  We also had some awesome feedback this week covering a range of topics, including the new systems.  Show notes and flash player below:

00:01:25- Nibblebits

-Shadowrun Returns  delayed until July 25th, Steam may allow others to "borrow" games, Miyamoto confirms Zelda for the Wii U

00:07:15- Our Weeks

-Dan- weigh in

-Eric- saw "The Purge" and started watching the show Whites

-Corey- ill, naked poet, started watching Fullmetal Alchemist

-Will- graduates tomorrow

00:12:00- Guest Hot Seat

01:13:30- Top 10 Revisited

02:10:00- Feedback

03:02:00- What We Played

Eric- The Last of Us, briefly

Corey- A Dark Room, Gunpoint, The Witcher 2

Will- Halo 4

Dan- Fez, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2