Episode 98: Remember Me/The Swapper

We talk two new releases this week, neither of which came out with too much fanfare.  One being the stunning indie puzzle platformer The Swapper, and the other, the cyberpunk beat 'em up Remember Me, with it's interesting take on memories.  Maybe there wasn't too much excitement around these games because there aren't a lot of moments where fist pumps are appropriate, like in Call of Duty or Madden, unless you REALLY like solving puzzles and digging up forgotten and painful memories.  Either way, two good games came out this week and deserve some attention!  Show notes below:   

00:00:54 –Teasers

- State of Decay, Halo 4, Dante’s Inferno, To The Moon Drawing, Metro Last Light, Hotline Miami

00:01:10 -Nibble Bit

-Eric- Dark Souls II will be coming out March 2014, Oculus Rift developers killed in Police chase, Infinity Ward almost walked away from Call of Duty franchise, DC Universe Online and Planeside 2 coming to PS4

-Will- Metro Last Light’s first weeks sales past Metro 2033’s lifetime sales, EA is getting rid of the online pass in all games including older games, Prey 2 is rumored to be picked up by Arkane Studios, Deus Ex: The Fall announced

-Corey- Escape Goat 2 trailer shown, Lionhead doing HD Fable remake, Zynga shut down OMGPOP, New video footage for Smash Brothers coming June 11th, Respawn Entertainment working on Titanfall for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360

-Dan- Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic released on iPad, Amazon released their own Indie Games store, Legendary Gaming Landfill being dug up

00:14:20 -Our Weeks

-Eric- Fifa trading card debacle, Put backlog together, Hiking

-Will- Prom, Last day of high school

-Dan- Weigh in, new child on the way

-Corey- Apartment turnover, new job, The Swapper, Hotline Miami while drunk

00:36:44 -Main Segment

01:26:52 -Feedback

01:49:34 -Roundtable

-Eric- Xbox One negative announcement and E3 predictions

-Dan- Backlog

02:06:18 -What We Played

-Dan- Crusader Kings 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

-Eric- State of Decay, Metro Last Light, Halo 4

-Will- State of Decay, Deus Ex: Missing Link, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Counter Strike: Global Offensive

-Corey- King Turn RPG, Hotline Miami