Episode 97: Top 5 Ambassador Games

This week we decide offer up our versions of some of the best gaming has to offer by picking some of the best games the medium has to offer.  Though we all kind of took "Ambassador Games" in a slightly different direction, it still kind of boiled down to which games we thought put gaming's best foot forward.  Later on in the episode we get into some more XBox One talk, plus some of the games we're going to be buying/playing in June.  Show notes and flash player below:

00:00:56- Teasers

-Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Resident Evil Revelations, Metro Last Light, Portal 2

00:01:19- Nibble Bits

-Eric- All PS4 games can be played on the Vita, The Evil Within first impressions, What Xbox 360 and PS3 games people should play, The Last of Us DLC and season pass

-Corey- Blizzard Entertainment restarted development for their new MMORPG Titan

-Will- The Xbox One will be region locked, eBay Germany marketing the Wii U in a funny way, Teenager in Albany planned school shooting and bombing to Modern Warfare 2 No Russian Theme

-Dan- Peter Scharr likened the new Xbox to a moderator device, Humble Indie Bundle 8 is out, Ubisoft South Park The Stick of Truth will be shown at E3 this year.

00:15:43- Our Weeks

-Dan- Weigh in, Memorial Day, work

-Will- Prom coming up, video game backlog, Getting a Wii U

-Corey- Bought XCOM, Civ 5 Complete and Civ 4 on Amazon

-Eric- Saw Corey and cousin, Future games that he’s getting

00:26:47- Main Segment

01:08:07- Feedback

01:29:44- Round table

-Eric- Used game DRM on next consoles and how it could affect Red Box or Gamefly

-Dan- Let listeners know what we will be playing next month

01:46:26- What We Played

-Will- Civilization 5, Beat Metro Last Light, Beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution

-Eric- Metro Last Light, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Resident Evil Revelations, Portal 2

-Dan- Crusader Kings 2, Defiance