Watch Out For: Star Citizen


I don’t really know how to go about describing the game Star Citizen; in a recent episode of our podcast I related it as a mix between EVE Online and Wing Commander.  It is kind of like that with the scope and economy of EVE, and ship to ship combat of Wing Commander, but with ships ranging in size from single-pilot fighters to massive warships.  Starships can be piloted in any manner you choose, keyboard and mouse, piloting joystick, or controller….and oh yeah, there’s going to be support for the Oculus Rift.

Probably more of a freighter than fighter, but armed nonetheless.

Star Citizen takes place in a futuristic version of the Roman Empire, where citizenship to the UEE (United Empire of Earth) has to be earned through civic duty and/or military distinction.  The player can choose to join the UEE or not in the persistent, player driven universe and economy.  Though the game is designed with MMO in mind, the player is given the option to play on their own private server and mod the game to their heart’s content.  Star Citizen is described as an enormous sandbox where the player can suit and role they like, and play however they see fit, from merchant, to mercenary, to pirate, and soldier.   

You will also be able to fly ships with your friends if you like, with a friend piloting, and you and several others manning turrets in some of the larger ships.  Realistic physics, upgradable ships and ship components, user generated content, and even a single player campaign are just some of the awesome features in Star Citizen.

Even the BIG ships will be pilotable in Star Citizen.

I’ve only briefly described some of the awesome things in Star Citizen, but your best bet is visit the official website, Wikipedia page, and now closed kickstarter page to get a more 3 dimensional picture of Star Citizen.  Sorry to console gamers, as Star Citizen will be exclusively a PC title, with possible releases for Mac and Linux in the future as well.  We’re also looking at about a year and a half until release, with current estimates seeing a late 2014 release, and a late 2013 alpha.   Like the early day of the MMORPG, I could really see Star Citizen being the cause of missed work, sleepless nights, and the end of relationships.  All in a good way, of course!



The video below, available on the Star Citizen website, pretty much explains it all.