Episode 93: Monaco/Don't Starve

We were minus Will this week and had some technical difficulties, with the recording/streaming laptop overheating about halfway through the main segment.  Luckily we were able to salvage the audio that had been recorded on the livestream, which we then tacked on at the end of our Don't Starve discussion.  No one came out and said it, but we all secretly blamed Will for not being there, even though there was obviously no connection.  The rest of episode 93 went off without a hitch, and hopefully it never happens again!  Show notes and flash player below:

00:04:19- Teasers

-          Nimble Quest, Angry Birds Friends, God Mode, Unfinished Swan, Thomas Was Alone, Counter Strike

00:04:35- Nibble Bits

-          Dan- New Sim City DLC, Destiny will find new ways to include monetization, Borderlands 2 new DLC

-          Eric- Watch Dogs gets a November 19th release date, Call of Duty Ghosts, New Ouya exclusive by Portal creator, XCOM shooter happening, PSN sale for PlayStation Battle All Stars Royale game characters

-          Corey- Metal Gear Rising Revengence Blade Wolf DLC, Lobo comes out May 7th for Injustice Gods Among Us, Dust 514 comes out May 14th, EVE online game is getting a TV show, No Tiger Woods game next year, New York Rangers win EA NHL playoff simulation, No Madden NFL release for the Wii U this year

00:24:37- Our Weeks

-          Corey- Working a lot

-          Eric- Played new games, booked a trip to Washington. Buffalo Bills EJ Manuel pick

-          Dan- Weigh in, Steam purchases

00:31:07- Main Segment

01:09:54- Feedback

01:33:39- Round Table

-          Dan, Eric- Waiting to get new Consoles and Backlog

-          Corey- Game Dev Tycoon's developers upload alternate version of their game for pirates; Pirates complain of in game piracy

01:51:19- What We Played

-          Dan- Sim City 4 Deluxe, Dirt 2, Nimble Quest

-          Corey- Nimble Quest, Final Fantasy Dimensions

-          Eric- God Mode, Thomas Was Alone, Counter Strike, Unfinished Swan