Episode 92: Just the News

Since out nibblebits segment has been getting really long with the news in gaming over the past few months, we went with an episode dedicated solely to news.  Plus the topic we were initially going to do initially backfired somewhat forcing our hand at the last minute.  Later on in the episode there's some more EA hate and some new games to talk about.  Show notes below:

00:01:15- Teasers

-Dead Island Riptide, Thomas Was Alone, Don’t Starve, Nimble Quest, The Darkness 2

00:01:42- Our Weeks

-Dan- Weigh in, Max’s Birthday, Steam purchases, Started reading Fahrenheit 451

-Corey- Fantasy Hockey champion, Rangers hockey, traded in NHL 13, Dan Carlin and Joe Rogan podcast, Galaxy Express 999

-Will- Baseball

-Eric- Washington DC trip, Soccer Champions League, NFL Draft, Zero Dark 30

00:28:30- Main Segment

01:31:45- Feedback

01:53:44- Roundtable

-Dan- Why people hate EA

-Will- What we know about the new Xbox

-Eric- Thomas Was Alone discussion

-Corey- Dead Island Riptide Statue

02:33:46- What We Played

-Dan- Portal, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Don’t Starve

-Will- Deus Ex Human Revolution, Injustice: Gods Among Us

-Corey- Guild Wars 2, Nimble Quest, The Darkness 2, The Witcher

-Eric- Dead Island Riptide, Bioshock