Episode 96: XBox One Reveal

Big news in gaming this week!  Microsoft delivered their presentation for the new XBox and gamer reaction ranged from crushing disappointment to spitting rage for the most part.  Find out what the Thumbstick Athletes thought in this less than stellar sounding recording.  It was accidentally recorded on the webcam instead of the usual process, so it was re-released as a hangover episode with audio ripped from the livestream which I'll post below the flash player for Episode 96.  Show notes below:

00:02:05- Main Segment

00:58:46- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Metro Last Light getting four pieces of DLC and a season pass is out, NVDIA released its new gaming card line

-Will- Wii U sales skyrocketed on Amazon after Xbox One announcement, Mike Fischer steps down as Square Enix America CEO, Crytek is making Ryse which is an exclusive for Xbox One

-Eric- Battlefield 4 coming out October 29th

-Corey- Metal Gear Rising Revengence coming out for the PC, Senior Engineer at EA called the Wii U crap, Rhode Island is selling the IP Kingdoms of Amalur

01:09:22- Our Weeks

-Corey- No video gaming challenge but caught up on games missed this year (Don’t Starve Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider), Hung out with friends, saw Wills Baseball games

-Will- Last two baseball games, School coming to the end

-Eric- Washington DC trip, Soccer bar, Zoo, Holocaust Museum, World War II memorial

-Dan- Weigh in, bought Borderlands 2, Crusader Kings II and Alan Wake, GForce Experience

01:40:24- Feedback

02:11:42- Round Table

-Will- Favorite Xbox Memories

02:18:35- What We Played

-Will- Metro Last Light, Dota 2

-Corey- Kingturn RPG, Devil May Cry, Don’t Starve

-Dan- Beat Metro Last Light, Borderlands 2, Crusader Kings II

And the better sounding Hangover episode: