Episode 94: Metro 2033

episode 94.jpg

For the first time in our 94 episode history there's just two of us for a whole show.  There may have been a hangover or extra episode somewhere with just two, but it's a first for the main episodes.  Fortunately, Dan and Corey were able to put out a full two hour episode on Metro 2033, whose sequel Metro: Last Light is coming out next week.  Metro 2033 is one of those games that all the Athletes kind of overlooked when it came out (before the podcast of course.)  Dan even confused it for another title.  So listen in and find out what Corey and Dan think of the cult hit from 4A Games.  Show notes below:

00:02:12- Teasers

-Don’t Starve drawing. Neverwinter, Haunted Hollow, Final Fantasy Dimensions

00:02:40- Nibble Bits

-Corey- Ubisoft confirmed South Park The Stick of Truth coming out 2013, Bethesda announces a new Wolfenstein, Blizzard took down the Auction Houses in Diablo because of exploits, New Witcher mod tools, Sony posted a net profit for 2012

-Dan- Stick of Truth, EA is the publisher of Star Wars games, Bioware, DICE and Visceral making Star Wars games, EPIC Games VP says Sony and Microsoft embracing Free to Play gaming,

00:14:25- Weeks

-Dan- Weigh in, Ordered Wife’s 3DS, Humble Double Fine Bundle

-Corey- Cinco De Mayo, Cigar lounge, Added Podcast schedule to website

00:23:25- Main Segment

00:49:37- Feedback

01:21:01- Roundtable

-Corey- Big games interest

-Dan- Favorite game of 2013 so far

01:36:57- What We Played

-Dan- Dirt 2, Guild Wars 2

-Corey-Beat Final Fantasy Dimensions, Haunted Hollow, Neverwinter