Episode 89: Remakes We Want

With the recent announcement of the classic Ducktales game being remade, a listener queries the Athletes on which games they would like to see remade and/rebooted.  There's a few games from a few different generations from the classic NES with the most recent games from the Nintendo 64 (which came out like 15 years ago already).  Later on in the episode the Athletes talk about the recent closing of LucasArts as a game developer and some more talk about BioShock Infinite.  Show notes and flash player below.

00:01:10: Teasers

00:01:30: Nibblebits

-Raven software releases sourcecode for it's Lucas arts games, average salary for a game developer is $84,000 in 2012, Dynasty Warriors 8 is coming to North America, Boba Fett was to be the main character in the cancelled Star Wars 1313

00:13:21: Our Weeks

-Eric- went to a Sabres game, trade deadline

-Will- reinstalling computer games

-Dan- no weigh in, back at work, listened to Gabe Newell episode of Nerdist

-Corey- bought Spec Ops: The Line and The Darkness 2 for $4 from gamefly, had a birthday

00:35:20: Remakes We Want

01:36:20: Feedback

01:50:25: Roundtable

-Will- Lucas Arts closing

-Eric- XBOX 720 always on rumors

-Corey- BioShock Infinite combat discussion

-Dan- women as main characters in games

02:47:20 What we Played

-Dan- BioShock Infinite, Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

-Will- BioShock Infinite, Age of Empires 3

-Eric- Battlefield 3, Ridiculous Fishing

-Corey- Spec Ops: The Line