Episode 88: BioShock Infinite

In this week's episode, the Thumbstick Athletes cover the critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite.  Ken Levine's latest entry in the BioShock series seems to have found it's place amongst the great game in history, and like any great piece of art in history, stirred up some controversy along the way.  PAX east was also this past weekend so the Athletes do a quick recap on some of the more major announcements from the convention.  Flash player below:

00:01:13- Teasers

-Proteus, Block Fortress, Battlefield 3, PAX East

00:01:37- Main Segment

-Bioshock Infinite-

00:50:58- Nibble Bits

-Corey- Square Enix going through massive restructuring, New console able to play all cartridge games, XCOM Enemy Unknown coming to IOS, Kotaku’s review of IGN’s review of Bioshock Infinite

-Eric- PS4 is going to have a large hard drive and segmented downloads for games, Battlefield 4 not coming to Wii U, Gamestop says there’s strong purchase intent on the PS4

-Will-Beta for Company of Heroes 2 starts April 2nd. June 25th launch date, Battlefield 4 17 minute gameplay video.

01:09:17- Our Weeks

-Dan- Weigh in, Easter breakfast

-Corey- Played a lot of Bioshock Infinite, Cooler Ranch Dorito taco, Monte Hale westerns

-Eric- Everybody Loves Raymond, Upcoming Buffalo, Boston game, Iginla trade.

-Will- Five Hour Course, Chinese Buffet, Baseball game, March Madness

01:27:00- Feedback

01:56:50 Round Table

-Dan and Corey- PAX East recap

02:19:46- What We Played

-Dan- Guild Wars 2

-Corey-Proteus, The Witcher, Block Fortress

-Eric- Battlefield 3

-Will- Battlefield 3