Episode 84: Four in February Finale

February is finally over and the Four in February challenge has come to an end.  Find out which of the Athletes completed their goal of finishing four games during the short month.  Also one of the Athletes celebrates a little to hard at the end of the episode.  Episode 84 is also filled with talk of the next gen consoles and some controversial remarks from one of the "evil" publishers.  Show notes below:

00:01:20- Teasers

-Crysis 3, Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack, Xbox 720 rumors

00:01:48- Nibble Bits

-Dan- NVIDIA released GTX Titan line of video cards, XCOM is making its way to MAC, EA talks about their future of games, Ubisoft announced the next Assassin’s Creed called Black Flag

-Corey- 4.6% of developers working on a Wii U game, THQ is auctioning off more assets

-Will- Razor Edge Gaming PC tablet available for Preorder, Natural Selection 2 gets free DLC, Ouya goes out to Kickstarter backers March 28th

-Eric- For every 50 dollars spent on PSN you get 10 dollars back, Gears of War Judgment season pass, Xbox Live sale, Playstation may offer tier based subscription for online

00:15:05- Our Weeks

-Eric- Newark Valley Meth Lab bust, Fantasy Hockey, Sabres hockey

-Corey- Anime show

-Will- Floor Hockey tournament

-Dan- Weigh in, gaming on the Nexus Tablet, Living room renovations, bought Dead Space 1 and 2

00:32:21- Main Semgent

01:22:31- Feedback

02:14:00- Roundtable

-Eric- Microsoft’s lessons from PS4 reveal

-Dan- Possibility of not buying next console

-Corey- Xbox 720 rumors

02:51:01- What We Played

-Dan- Saints Row 2, The Cave

-Corey- Civilization 5

Will- Crysis 3

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