Watch Out For: Mew-Genics


Where do I start with Mew-Genics?  The upcoming game from Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat caught my attention when creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (who were featured in Indie Game: The Movie) described Mew-Genics as a "cat lady sim."  In his most recent blog about the game, McMillen finally outlined a little of the gameplay in a brief anecdote from his time testing the game.

From what I gather the game involves the breeding of cats for various purposes, with each cat having various desired (or otherwise) traits.  You are also entrusted with the care and/or neglect of said cats, and your influence can have an effect on the mentality of the cats in your home.  For example, McMillen says one of his cats attacked another cat while it was eating, causing the cat to associate food with pain.  The cat then refused to eat and starved to death shortly later. 

Cat lady sim   really works in describing this game....look at all of them.

Cat lady sim really works in describing this game....look at all of them.

As someone who grew up playing Pokemon, (actually I was in my teens when Pokemon Red cam out) I always dreamed of being able to cross-breed Pokemon to create my own super strong versions with minimized weaknesses.  With Mew-Genics, at least half my dream can come true, with the breeding of adorable cats for their genetics. 

Details on Mew-Genics are pretty sparse right now, with Team Meat even saying that even they weren't sure about some of the details either, as they haven't been worked out yet and are also difficult to explain.  From what I've heard and read so far, the game seems awesome.  I really like the breeding concept and can see myself spending countless hours honing generations of cats just to find that perfect one, and then exploiting the hell out of it for my own financial benefit.  To stay abreast of any information on Mew-Genics, follow the blog posts on Team Meat's website or follow them on twitter.  As of right now, Mew-Genics is slated for release on Steam, iOS and Android.  I will also be keeping a close eye on this one and will mention any major updates on the podcast.