Watch Out For: BioShock Infinite


By Daniel Murtha

(This preview is spoiler free, as I only know some of the more basic details of the game.  I don't want anything spoiled for me either dammit!)

Despite the fact that probably everyone who is into gaming knows of this game, I decided to do a brief preview of the upcoming BioShock Infinite in hopes that I could assuage some of my excitement.  From Irrational Games and 2k Marin, Infinite takes the new protagonist Booker DeWitt through the floating "utopian" city of Colombia.  Gone are the claustrophobic confines of Rapture in favor of a more open and airy feeling setting.

The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played a BioShock game before, with frantic gunplay accentuated with Infinite's version of plasmids, known as vigors.  The player is given the choice of which weapons and vigors to upgrade much like previous BioShock games, and these RPG like elements are always a plus in my book.  Below is a video that shows off some of the locations the player can visit as well as some combat and the NPC Elizabeth, Booker DeWitt's reason for being in Colombia in the first place. 

BioShock Infinite is releasing two weeks from now on March 26, 2013 for PC, XBOX360 and PS3.  I've had the date circled on my calendar for quite some time now and despite some worrisome delays and layoffs during development, BioShock Infinite is looking great.  I've certainly never minded some release date delays as long as it leads to a more finished product, which in this case so far seems to payed off.  Here's a few random images that I've dug up that look pretty awesome too.


I'm afraid of heights, zip lining and free falling are going to be scary.


Shooting people, as usual.....I've got nothing, it just looks sweet.