Episode 85: Tomb Raider/Sim CIty

Two big releases this past week in the Tomb Raider reboot and the new and "improved" always online Sim City.  Corey and Will discuss their impressions of Sim City and whether or not they ended up having any of the now infamous launch woes that everyone seemed to have, while Dan and Eric (and to a lesser extent, Will) talk the new Tomb Raider game.  Talks later in the episode inevitably go to the hot topic of always online DRM restrictions and whether they have a place in what were traditionally single player games.  All this plus the usual from the Thumbstick Athletes this week.  Show notes below:

00:00:56- Teasers

-Always on DRM, Halo Map Pack, Saints Row The Third, Hockey discussion

00:01:25- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Zenimax has posted an FAQ for the Elder Scrolls Online Beta, Valve giving Steam Box prototypes out, Dead Space franchise possibly being cut

-Corey- Dead Space developers say the rumor of Dead Space being cut is “exaggerated”, Polygon changed their Sim Cities review score, Crysis 3 was close to Wii U launch, Age of Empires 2 gets an HD Re-release, Wanda Sykes birthday.

-Will- Crysis 3 gets a price drop, new Mass Effect 3 DLC called Citadel, makers of To The Moon is making a sequel.

-Eric- Resident Evil 6 The Film gets a release date, G4 television is switching to Esquire.

00:18:41- Our Weeks

-Eric- Visited Girlfriend’s parents, played video games

-Corey- Lazy week

-Dan- Weigh in, Cool Ranch Dorito Loco Taco, internet issues

-Will- Floor Hockey tournament

00:33:50- Main Segment

01:27:46- Feedback

02:05:38- Roundtable

-Eric- Hockey discussion

-Corey, Dan, Will- SimCity’s DRM

02:33:48- What We Played

-Dan- Guild Wars 2

-Eric- Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Halo 4 new map pack, Saints Row The Third

-Will- Halo 4 new Map Pack, Crysis

-Corey- Rock Smith, Guild Wars 2

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