Watch Out For: Starbound


By Daniel Murtha

A few episodes ago, I tried and failed miserably to explain the upcoming indie game Starbound.  I figured with this new type of post on our website, where at least once a week I preview an upcoming game, the magic of pictures and videos could help me explain what was diffuclt for me to spit out on the podcast.

At the most basic level, Starbound is a sci-fi-sandbox-RPG-platformer from the developer Chucklefish, with building elements from games like Terraria and Minecraft.  You are free to explore the endless, procedurally generated universe as you see fit.  Planets you visit are inhabited (or not) by various species of flora and fauna that can be catalouged, and have varying weather, gravity, difficulty and terrain.  Here's two examples of planets that can be found in Starbound:


Entering an Avian dungeon


Exploring the universe isn't the safest occupation

Starbound also seems to have robust building tools that allow you to create pretty much anything you can imagine.  The video below shows a few characters (I'm assuming other player characters?) building a base of sorts, and gives you a good idea of the different options you have when building bases, labs, etc,.

This next video shows what it will be like to traverse the different planets you discover and gives you a feel for the platform aspects of Starbound.  It shows beautiful pixel art landscapes, some of the randomly generated plantlife you can come across, and some nighttime exploration with awesome lighting effects.

I've only touched on some of the details for Starbound, and some features have yet to be announced as the game is still currently under development by Chucklefish.  This is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2013, and every new detail has me salivating.  The developers have slated the game for an early 2013 release for PC, Mac, and Linux, but have also stated that they don't intend on releasing Starbound until it's completely finished, which is nice to hear.  Having an already ambitious and awesome looking game like Starbound come out fully polished and consumer-ready is only going to bring it much more well-deservered attention.

For more information on Starbound visit the official websitefollow on twitter, like on facebook and/or watch the game trailer below: