Episode 83: PlayStation 4 Announcement

WIth the PS4 announcement hot off the presses, the Athletes breakdown their thoughts and questions with the two hour presentation still fresh in their minds.  Was the announcement enough to sell the system?  What was thought of the games shown during the presentation?  Which, if any, of the Athletes will be getting the PS4 on day one?  All of this plus our usual episode contents and Four in February progress in episode 83.  Show notes and flash player below.

00:01:02- Teasers

-PS4 announcement, four in February progress

00:01:17- Nibble Bits

-Will- New Halo Map Pack called Majestic Map Pack, Sony registers PlayStation Cloud Domain, Draw Something yearly stats

-Eric- Gamestop wowed by Battlefield 4, Possible leaked specs for Xbox 720 Kinetic

-Dan- Hotline Miami coming to PS3 and Vita system, Activision lays off 30 employees, WWE 2K14 announced

00:07:02- Our Weeks

-Dan- Weigh In, Nexus 7 tablet, Living room renovations

-Will- Floor Hockey game

-Eric- Sabres fired their head coach, Four in February 21, 2013

00:18:23- Main Segment

01:08:42- Feedback

01:21:44 Round Table

-Dan- What would sway you to get a PS4 over the new Xbox

-Will- Favorite PlayStation memories

01:30:12- What We Played

-Corey- Ni No Kuni, XCOM Enemy Unknown, Super Hexagon, Anodyne

-Will- NBA 2k13

-Dan- Saints Row 2, Super Meat Boy, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy Tactics