Episode 80: Top 5 Villains

At a listener's request we tackle the subject of our favorite video game villains.  There's a few classics on our lists but as always a few curve balls are thrown into the mix.  Also interesting this episode, Corey informs us of the Four in February challenge, where gamers pick four different games they have to beat in the shortened month of February.  Listen to which games we picked as well as our favorite game villains in Episode 80: Top 5 Villains.  Show notes below:

00:01:15- Teasers

-Ni No Kuni, The Cave, Faster Than Light, Skulls of the Shogun, Super Hexagon

00:01:30- Nibble Bits

-Will- Heavy Rain’s composer dies from cancer at age 56, Ubisoft says Prince Of Persia series is on hold, Bioware releases screenshots of possible new Mass Effect 3 content

-Corey- Modders added new content to Torchlight 2, Epic Mickey’s studio is closed, new Bioshock trailer, EA has no plans for another Medal of Honor game

-Eric- Nintendo announced they are profitable again, Splinter Cell Blacklist’s collectors editions, List of Ouya’s games released, Fifa’s sales

-Dan- Ouya controller is undergoing some changes, NVIDIA released GForce experience program, EA sports simulated super bowl with a Ravens victory.

00:13:48- Our Weeks

Dan- Weigh in, tried the Microsoft Surface tablet, Google Nexus 7 tablet, finished first season of Battle Star Galatica

-Eric- Almost done moving, Went to Rochester and played Faster Than Light, Bought Proteus Sabre’s game and bought GameCenter

-Will- Back to school

-Corey- Started Streaming for the Podcast, Gabe Newell on the Nerdist Podcast

00:27:33- Main Segment

01:02:05- Feedback

01:28:03- Round Table

-Will- Kotaku’s list of best Pokemon games, and our favorite Pokemon games

-Corey- Beating 4 games in February

-Eric- Removed scene from Splinter Cell Blacklist, Tennessee Senator says Video Games are a bigger problem then guns

-Dan- JJ Abrams directing the next Star Wars movie

01:54:15- What We Played

-Eric- Super Hexagon, Far Cry 3, Skulls of the Shogun, Faster Than Light

-Dan- Ogre Battle 64

-Will- Fallout3, Fallout New Vegas, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Torchlight 2, The Cave

-Corey- Guild Wars 2, Ni No Kuni, Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy 6