2013 Thumbies Award Categories

Yippy skippy peanut butter, banana and granola sandwich! It's that time of year again! We are recording our 2013 Thumbies episode this Friday, December 27th (time TBD) to honor the year in gaming. Please send us your choices and if you're lucky we'll read them live! Here we go:

Thumb no border.jpg
  • 2013's 2012 Game of the Year
  • Best Cooperative Multiplayer Game
  • Best Competitive Multiplayer Game
  • Best Handheld or Mobile Game
  • Best Rainy Day Game
  • Biggest Welcome Surprise Game
  • Guilty Pleasure Game
  • Most Disappointing Game
  • Best Game to Play Under the Influence
  • Game You're Least Likely to Play
  • Best New IP
  • Game You Most Wish You Played
  • Best Indie Game
  • Game of the Year

There you have it! Submit via email, facebook, Twitter, whatever floats your boat. See you Friday!