Episode 124: Super Mario 3D World/Zelda 3DS

The Athletes do a Nintendo heavy episode this week with Eric weighing in on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on his new 3DS XL and Will covering Super Mario 3D World.  There is also a guest appearance from Jarad, who has been talked about a lot on the podcast, but hasn't made an appearance until now.  He joins up to discuss The Wolf Among Us as a fan of the Fables comics series which the game is a prequel of.  The much anticipated Starbound's beta went live so there's also some discussion on that later on. 

00:02:37 Nibblebits

Dan: Final Fantasy 14 coming to PS4 in April

Eric: Destiny coming September 9th

Will: Wal-Mart giving bonuses for purchasers of Pokemon X & Y

Corey: Starbound’s beta went public


00:09:48 Our Weeks


Corey: Christmas Decorating

Jared: Working, Music, Playing Video Games

Eric: Video Gaming,

Will: Nothing

Dan: Video Gaming, Lack of Sleep, Shark Tank


00:20:43 Main Segment


00:56:49 What We Played

Jared: The Wolf Among Us, Starbound

Corey: Starbound, Assassins Creed IV

Eric: Assassins Creed IV

Will: Starbound. Age of Empires 3

Dan: Europa Universailis IV, Crusader Kings 2, Far Cry 3


02:07:27 Feedback