Episode 115: SteamOS


With Valve's monumental announcements last week, and our inability to get into GTA Online, Dan and Will do a rundown of the newly announced SteamOS, Steam Machines and Valve's new controller.  We talk about features, options, and what it will mean for PC gamers in the future all while trying to contain fanboyism.  Later on in the episode Eric talks more FIFA 14, Will hadn't had much time to play games, and Dan visits Gamestop to get Wind Waker HD.  Flash player above, show notes below:


00:01:05- Main Segment

00:26:40- Nibble Bits

-Dan- XI3 Piston launching November 29th for $1000

-Will- Sonic The Hedgehog returns to the Super Smash Brothers cast

-Eric- Eidos Montreal is working on a next generation Deus Ex

00:35:00- Our Weeks

-Dan- Diet, Wind Waker HD

­-Eric- Bills, Sabres, Arsenal

-Will- new iPhone, Sick, Football, TV watching

01:00:53- What We Played

-Dan- Pikmin 3. Star Command, Rayman Legends, Fable III

-Will- Nothing

-Eric- FIfa 14

01:19:43- Feedback

01:48:37- Roundtable

-Dan- Zynga founders comments on games