Episode 116: Beyond: Two Souls/Wind Waker HD

For this week's episode, we do a dual main segment on both Wind Waker HD and Beyond: Two Souls.  Eric, being the only one of us that currently owns a PS3 took charge of the Beyond talk and Dan took over the Wind Waker talk being the only one currently in attendance that has a Wii U.  Later on in the episode the Athletes discuss whether or not games should move in the direction of films and be more interactive movies, much like Beyond: Two Souls.  Show notes below:


00:01:15- Main Segment

00:36:00- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Ubisoft says Wii U version looks better on Wii U then on current generation

-Eric- Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC

00:42:06- Our Weeks

-Corey- Wedding

-Eric- Game pre-orders

-Dan- Diet

0057:27- What We Played

-Corey- Skyrim, GTA, Tower of Fortune 2, Card Hunter

-Eric- Grand Theft Auto V, Diablo III, Battlefield 4 beta

-Dan- Fable III, Deus Ex: Human Revolution,

01:37:09- Feeback

02:10:46- Roundtable

-Eric- Should video games be films