Episode 74: Apocalypse Games

Despite the fact the apocalypse didn't happen on the 21st of December, we list our favorite games containing (in one way or another) the end of the known world.  In some games the end of the world had already happened, and in one of Dan's games the world ends during the game.  Show notes below:

Teasers: Far Cry 3, Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack

00:02:16- Nibblebits

-Resident Evil 6 coming out for PC, Treyarch insisting Black Ops 2 players take it easy on Christmas noobs, Happy Wars a free to play game on XBLA has seen 1.2 million players, Guild Wars 2 wins Gamespot's PC GOTY

00:13:30- Our Weeks

-Eric- new Blink 182 ep, Bills, Arsenal

-Dan- fantasy football, saw The Hobbit

-Will- getting a Galaxy S III

00:30:34- Main Segment- Apocalypse Games

00:51:17- Feedback

01:20:30- Roundtable

-Sandy Hook

-Starbound indie game

01:42:38- What we Played

-Eric- Far Cry 3, Crimson Map Pack

-Dan- Guild Wars 2, Metro 2033