Episode 79: 2013 Gaming Predictions

In this week's episode each of the Athletes made some predictions for the 2013 gaming year.  Some of the predictions are what you would consider "safe" while others could be construed as being a little more out there.  With all the new systems and games coming out, 2013 is certain to be an exciting and interesting time for gamers.  Show notes below:

00:01:07- Teasers

-          Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, THQ auctions, The Cave, Dust 514, Final Fantasy All The Bravest

00:01:30- Nibble Bits

-Will- Resident Evil Revelations gets a Console port May 21st, Assassin’s Creed III Tyranny of George Washington comes out February 19th, Rockstar is releasing Grand Theft Auto Vice City on PSN for 10 dollars, Sim City beta clause says EA can ban players for not reporting bugs

-Dan- Fire Fall Open beta begins Friday January 25th, BBC did a story on 86 year old gamer, EPIC games announced Gears of War 1 is coming bundled with Gears of War Judgment, PS3 is getting all the missing DLC in February, Microsoft is replacing their voice system on Xbox Live with Skype

-Eric-  Wii U gets new Mario, Zelda and more, Leisure Suit Larry Collection is being released on Good Ole Games, Some Xbox 720 hard ware rumored

00:13:52- Our Weeks

-Eric- Moved, made Chili, Sabre’s hockey

-Will- Week off from school, signed up for Elder Scrolls Online beta, Fire Fall, Company of Heroes 2, Sim City 5 and downloaded Path of Exile

-Dan-Weigh in, Diet, attempted to play Final Fantasy VII, played Magic, Tried Steam Big Picture Mode, No more cell phone

00:24:58- Main Segment

01:15:05- Feedback

01:30:25- Roundtable

-Dan- THQ properties that were sold and where they went

-Will- Biden calling for better game studies

-Corey- Dead Space 3 is going to have Micro Transactions

01:51:18- What We’ve Played

-Corey- Final Fantasy Dimensions, Super Hexagon, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

-Will- Fallout 3, Space Team, Fun Run, Final Fantasy All The Bravest

-Eric- The Cave, Dust 514

-Dan- The Cave, Bastion, Fallout 1, Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer

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