Episode 78: 2013 Hardware Preview

This week we cover the various pieces of hardware coming out this year, from the new NVIDIA hand held to the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.  We also cover some upstart consoles in the OUYA and Gamestick.  Later on in the episode the Athletes also dicuss on wether or not we think this will be the last generation for the traditional consoles.  Show notes below:


00:01:15- Nibble Bits

-Will- Dust 514 going open beta for PS3, Injustice: Gods Among Us gets an April 16th release, Splinter Cell Blacklist delayed until August 20th

-Dan- Jailed ARMA III developers released, Square Enix releasing a new Final Fantasy game called All The Bravest,

-Corey- Shaq Down game, New hardware announcements could be coming in March for Microsoft and Sony, NRA releases a IOS shooter, Devil May Cry getting good reviews, Fallout TV show trademarked

-Eric- Injustice Gods Among Us deluxe editions, The Cave comes out January 22nd, Disney Infinity

00:16:40- Our Weeks

-Dan- Weigh in, iPhone commercial, finished Firefly, started Battlestar Galatica, Hockey draft

-Eric- Sons of Anarchy, Hockey draft, bought Faster Than Light

-Will-Birthday, Hockey draft

-Corey- Hockey draft, Anniversary

00:35:15- Main Segment

01:37:23- Feedback

02:02:49- Round Table

-Dan- Is this the last “console” generation?

-Corey- What FPS should not have

-Eric- Societal discussion

02:44:20- What We’ve Played

-Dan- Fallout New Vegas

-Eric- Far Cry 3, Fifa 13

-Will- Far Cry 3, Fallout 3

-Corey- NRA Shooter, Space Team