Episode 77: 2013 Games Preview Part 2

In part 2 of 2013 games preview, we alphabetically gloss over the titles coming out this year that dont have a solid release date.  Games like Watch Dogs, a bunch of THQ titles, and Wasteland 2 are all covered (somewhat briefly) in this once again lengthy games preview episode.  Some titles like Star Wars 1313 may not even come out this year, but we figured we would go over them anyway to make sure we have our bases covered.  Show notes below:

00:01:19 - Nibblebits

-New XCOM DLC, Connecticut town cancells plans to destroy violent video games, NVIDIA reveals plans for Project Shield at CES, Netflix releases ISP rankings, Far Cry 3 sells 800,000 copies in December

00:18:05 - Our Weeks

-Eric- saw Django Unchained, Bills updates, hockey

-Will- lots of school work, not happy about hockey

-Corey- hockey

-Dan- weighed in at 271 to start diet, down 7 pounds after first week, Firefly

00:39:40 - Main Segment

-2013 games preview, unscheduled releases

01:38:10 - Feedback

02:03:50 - Roundtable

-Eric- XBox Illumiroom

-Will- good trolling?

-Corey- THQ assets, and where they should go

02:24:10 - What we Played

-Dan- FTL, Guild Wars 2, tried Fallout New Vegas, bugged out

-Corey- Dear Esther, Mark of the Ninja, Dragon's Dogma

-Will- Far Cry 3

-Eric- FIFA 13, Clear Vision