Episode 75: 2012 Thumbies

For this week's episode we have our first annual Thumbies awards episode.  We have to thank our friend Ken for the idea of naming our awards the Thumbies.  This year we gave out individual awards from each of the members of the Thumbstick Athletes for each category, but next year we hope to just have one Thumby given as a consensus from all of us.  Show notes below, which only include SOME of the categories for our awards.


2012 Thumby Awards Categories

-Game from 2011 played most in 2012

-Biggest Disappointment

-Best Rainy/Snowy Day game

-Game from 2012 we're least likely to play

- Best game to play under the influence

-Game of the Year

You're just going to have to listen to the episode to see who gave which games what awards, as well as the rest of the categories for our Thumby awards.  Here's the flash player: