Episode 61: Borderlands 2

In this episode Dan talks about some game called Borderlands 2.  Dan covers all the changes from the first Borderlands to the new one.  The Athletes also discuss To The Moon, Resident Evil and Corey’s game of the year. 

00:02:35 - Teasers

-NHL 13, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Escape Goat, Resident Evil 6,

00:02:53 – Nibble Bits

-Dan- Obsidian reached Kickstarter goal for new game in 24 hours, beta is available for Guild Wars 2 on Mac, Bioware announces Dragon Age 3 Inqusition.

-Will- Baulders Gate Enhanced edition delayed, Zynga buys A Bit Lucky, Fans for City of Heroes raise money for Paragon Studios.

-Eric-Dark Souls DLC coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, Fifa preorders reaches 800,075, Mass Effect 3 adding new DLC, Dead or Alive 5 comes out September 25th.

-Corey- Wii U release dates, two bundles, and all Wii accessories are compatible with the Wii U, Humble Indie Bundle just came out featuring Torchlight, Microsoft renews trademark of Killer Instinct, Minecraft out on Amazon Kindle

00:15:39 – Weeks

-Corey- Electricity problems, Upright Citizens Brigade show.

-Dan- Tried out OnLive on the Galaxy S3 phone.

-Eric- Bills game.

-Will- School Pre-Test.

00:31:30 – Main Segment

Borderlands 2

01:11:20 – Feedback

01:38:16 – Zinga

-Corey- What video game related thing would you want at your funeral

-Will- Torchlight II vs. Diablo III

-Dan- The only bad Borderlands 2 review

02:12:07 – What We’ve Played

-Dan- Guild Wars 2

-Will- To the Moon, Fifa 13 Demo, Mass Effect 3

-Corey- Escape Goat, NHL 13, Tekkan Tag Tournament 2, Resident Evil 6