Episode 60: Best of the PSOne

In this episode the Athletes talk about their top five Playstation One games. Because of Eric’s cousin, Corey was unable to join the episode; after all, it requires electricity to Skype. Chris comes in studio for the third time to fill in for the unavailable Corey and offer some PlayStation insight.  Here's the notes:


00:01:27 – Teasers

-Fifa 13 Demo, Tekken Tag 2, NHL 13

00:01:36 – Nibble Bits

-Corey- A user in LittleBig Plant re-created Final Fantasy, 13 year old girl steals family car and ATM to meet Xbox Live boyfriend, Everquest II sees new expansion, Square Enix traded marked Secret of Mana, Ubisoft ended their strict DRM.


-Dan- Fifa 13 Demo is available, Obsidian teased a new Project, Guild Wars 2 digital downloads are available again.


-Eric- Trials Evolution is getting a new expansion, Star Wars the Old Republic is getting new content every six weeks, Call of Juarez is going back to the Wild West.


-Will- To The Moon out on Steam, Valve launched Steam for Television, Start planning your Borderlands 2 character build

00:10:46 – Weeks

Dan- Birthday,


-Will- School.


-Eric- Weekend in New York City with Corey


-Chris- Visit with girlfriend


Main Segment


01:10:50 – Feedback

01:34:50 – Zinga

-Eric- Toys R Us making a gaming tablet for Kids


-Will- EA Exec claims his company isn’t evil


-Dan- Should he get XCOM for Xbox 360 or PC

01:53:00 – What We’ve Played

-Dan- Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2


-Eric- Fifa 13 demo


-Will- NHL 13, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mass Effect 3 Insanity playthrough

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