Episode 59: Madden 13

In this episode the Athletes talk about the new release of Madden 13. We cover the new physics engine, the new game mode Connected Careers and a couple other new additions to the game, along with the dislikes of the game. Eric also gives his prediction for what his Buffalo Bills will do for the upcoming season.  Here's the notes:


00:01:30 – Teasers

-Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC, The Walking Dead Episode 3, Final Fantasy Dimensions, Heavy Rain


00:02:03 – Nibble Bits

-Eric- Resident Evil Demo comes out September 18th, Angry Bird reveals “Bad Piggies”, Dark Souls possibly getting an Easy mode?


-Corey- Guild Wars 2 hit 1 million sales on launch day, Ad Sported free version of Square Enix games online games, Metal Gear Solid movie in the works, Final Fantasy 13 new game supposed to end Lightning’s story, Wii U maybe getting released on November 11th.


-Dan- Microsoft Surface Tablets run Unreal 3 Engine, Torchlight 2 comes out September 20th, Borderlands 2 gets a Season pass


-Will- Mechromancer Class Borderlands 2 to be released October 16th, Black Ops II will not run on Windows XP, ArenaNet bans 3,000 players for glitch, Paragon Studios is putting an end to City of Heroes

00:15:03 – Weeks

-Corey- Labor Day festivities and a good amount of gaming


-Will- Michigan, Alabama game, school is starting back up


-Dan- Wedding in Buffalo, Dan and Val’s birthday’s


-Eric- Work, gaming, going to visit Corey to watch Bills and Jets game


00:33:09 – Main Segment

Madden 13


0:1:13:02 – Feedback


01:53:59 – Zinga

-Eric- Steam Greenlight has game “Seduce Me” taken down.


-Corey- Four Pillars of making a great game from Insomniac


-Will- Sony Mobile hacked by a Hacktivist group


02:10:09 What We Played


-Eric- Heavy Rain


-Dan- Guild Wars 2


-Corey- Mini Ninjas, Runescape, Sim City Social, Lord of Ultima, Final Fantasy Dimensions


-Will- The Walking Dead Episode 3, Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC

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